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Q. What is Pulse Air?

The Pulse Air is the air flow applying the centrifugal force. It is generated by the combination of the driving force and the lateral force. The nozzle, specially developed by Ga-Rew, can generate the rotating force (centrifugal force) by the reaction force of air blow.

Q. What is the Shock Gun?

The Shock Gun is the air blower, it can generate the Pulse Air by specialized nozzle. The Pulse Air generated by the nozzle rotation, has powerful cleaning capability at low pressure. It can remove the dirt in the grooves and the gaps.

Shock Gun Series

Q. What is the difference in diameter or length of the Shock Gun?

Mainly the difference is the power of air blow. The products, in which the last letter of the product type name is “S”, has the short nozzle, and the rotating diameter is small, is the powerful type. The Air Blaster is improved type of the Shock Gun, and more powerful than the Shock Gun.

Shock Gun Series

Air Blaster

Q. Why does the nozzle rotate?

As you can see in the picture of the product, the nozzle does not use any external power to rotate. It rotates by the reaction force of the air blow. For example, attach the long hose to water tap, and spray the water from the tap vigorously, and then the hose end vibrates irregularly. The Pulse Air is generated by controlling this force.

Q. What is the different with the general air blow?

In case of general air blow the air is injected as “point”, but in case of The Shock Gun Series, the air is injected as “line” or “circle”. Because of the injection of “line” or “circle”, the air blow reaches extensively. It is effective, and you can save the energy. The Pulse Air can remove the dirt that is difficult to remove with general air blower.

When you remove the stain with the brush, it is not effective only by tapping. The stain is removed more effectively by scrubbing with the brush. In case of air blow, it is same. The dirt is removed by moving with spraying more effectively.

Q. What kind of compressor do I prepare?

For continuous duty, based on the specification (air pressure, air consumption) of each product, please select the equipment with a margin of 50%.

About the air type, we recommend oil-free air type (no lubrication). If you use oil type, please use the filter and the separator.

Selection for continuous duty (example)

In case of continuous duty, air pressure is 0.4 to 0.8MPa, air flow rate is 150 liters per min,

Control Pressure : around 0.65 to 0.8MPa (with a margin of 0.1 to 0.2MPa)
Air Consumption :
(Air Flow Rate)
225 L/min (150 L/min x 1.5)
  • The figures are just a simulated value, and we can not guarantee the full operation. Please use as a guide.
  • These figures are in case of continuous duty. In case of intermittent use, please use with a margin of 20 to 30%.
  • It depends on working conditions and environment. Please consider the actual conditions, and select with a margin as possible.

Air Blaster

Q. Why the fine burrs can be removed without damaging on the work?

By the special air blow of the Shock Gun Nozzle, the impact force and the sucking force works alternatively, and fine burrs break due to fatigue fracture.
Because the air pressure is low or medium, the work is not damaged compared to high pressure spray type or abrasive type.

Shock Gun Series

Ultrasonic Cleaning

Q. What is different with the general ultrasonic cleaning?

In general, it is well known the ultrasonic cleaner for glasses. Currently, an ultrasonic cleaner that equips a water tank and remove the dirt by ultrasonic cavitation(Note:1) is the mainstream. For large object, it is necessary to equip large scale tank. The object must be sunk in water.

Using our specially developed two-step mixing technology and the high speed rotating nozzle, it is possible to perform ultrasonic cleaning without a tank, and with small amount of water. And the ultrasonic cleaning can be done more easily and freely.

(Note:1) Ultrasonic Cavitation :

Ultrasonic Cavitation is the momentary creation of vacuum bubbles in the fluid. They immediately expand and implode, and millions of microscopic jets are generated in the fluid.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Nozzle and Cleaner

Q. What is the purpose of the tank of SPT-10T?

The purpose is to keep the high pressure, and to ensure mixing balance of water and air. Water and Air is compressed at same pressure.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Nozzle and Cleaner

Q. Is “SPT-01U” a tank-less model of “SPT-10T” ?

The performance of the nozzle is almost same. But SPT-01U requires additional design of the application system.

The performance of the nozzle is almost same. But SPT-01U requires additional design of the application system. Mainly, this is the OEM product for cleaning machine manufacturers. We are accepting orders by more than 100 sets.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Nozzle and Cleaner

Q. What is the difference between the Tornado Classic and the Supersonic Tornado cleaning capability?

The Tornado Classic(Note:2) has a high performance for professional cleaning. The Supersonic Tornado is an improved type of the Tornado Classic. It is available not only for normal dirt, but also for the water scale that is difficult to remove.

Because it is the specialized cleaner, the price is slightly higher than other products. Please select depend on your purpose and budget. About the special cleaning, please contact us.

(Note:2) Tornado Classic is not an ultrasonic cleaner.

Ultrasonic Cleaning Nozzle and Cleaner

Tornado Classic

Water Mist

Q. Is it available for metalworking?

It depends on the material. It is available for light cutting at high speed rotation, such as Aluminum and Magnesium Alloy.

Q. Do workpieces rust by water?

Very fine mist particles are sprayed so they evaporate soon, effectively preventing rust and corrosion.

Q. What is the advantage of using water?

Water has a large specific heat, and it has a high cooling capability. It evaporates easily, because it is sprayed as fine particle by the specialized nozzle. The temperature of the work is reduced by the heat of vaporization. The water consumption is about 0.5 mL/min.

The fine particle water reduces the friction between tool and the work. And then, there are many advantages, such as : the sharpness of tools can be kept for long time, the tools are resistant to be nick, the burrs reduce, and the cutting surface becomes smooth.

Smoothing effect of the cutting surface

Water Mist

Q. What is the difference with using cutting-oil?

Many types of cutting oils produce mists, fumes and odors. So, sometimes, workers suffer from odors and stains of oil. The work must be washed thoroughly after processing. After the processing, you have to consider the waste oil disposal, and you have to consider the waste oil disposal.

Because the Water Mist uses fine particle water, it is no need to consider about these troubles. Because of small amount of water (0.5 mL/min), humidity hardly rises, odor is not produced, and you do not need to treat wasted water. Tap water will be enough, no need to use special water.

However, some types of works may be suitable for oil. Please contact us.

Water Mist

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