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About the problems for the tube rotation of the products that has a function of the particle atomizing, in this part the checking items, cause and countermeasures are shown. Additionally, about the problems such as the particles do not come out or the flow rate is low, please check the part of “Precautions - About the Particle Atomization”

Case : The tube rotates slowly

Is the pressure set correctly? (0.5 to 0.8 MPa)
Please adjust the pressure of the air compressor to the appropriate pressure (0.5 to 0.8MPa).
Even if the setting value is right, air pressure may be fall with the length and the diameter of the hose. In continuous use, air pressure may fall in case of some types of compressor. If the pressure is too low, the tube does not rotate well, and if the pressure is too high, the rotation balance is bad, and the tube may be damaged.
Is the temperature in the tolerance? (10 to 50 °C) (50 to 122 °F)
Please confirm the ambient temperature.
At low temperature, the rotating speed of the tube becomes slow. By raising the pressure to some extent, it may be improved. Even if the room temperature is right, the rotation of the tube may become slow by the temperature of the agents.
(reference: Is the length of the inner and the outer tube correct?)
Does not each part wear? (cone / tube)
The tube and the cone wear by the friction of rotation. The wear of the tube/cone interfere with smooth rotation. Purchase a genuine spare tube/cone, and replace it.
The life depends on the conditions, usually the life of the tube is about 2,000 hours. (Note:)
(reference: Care and Cleaning)
(Note:)The figure is just a guideline, it is not a guaranteed value. It does not mean free repair.

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Case : Tube does not rotate

Is the length of the inner and the outer tube correct?
It is observed the outer tube is lengthen or shrunk by some kinds of water-absorbing or dewatering detergents. It is observed the inner tube (diameter is 1.3mm) is lengthen or shrunk at high temperature and low temperature environment.
By a change in the length of the inner tube and the outer tube, the quantity of the particles becomes poor.
At normal condition, the length of the inner and the outer tube are same.
In case of different length, please cut the tips to the same length with a cutter or scissors. (*Please be sure to cut straight to the vertical.). If the tip of the inner tube is flattened, please adjust the cutting section in a circle with a sharp tip object, such as the toothpick.
(reference: Is not the tube damaged?)
Attention : In case of using fluid other than water and neutral detergents, or in case of exposure at high temperature, (such as under a blazing sun,) the outer tube may lengthen.
How to cut With a Diagram.
Is not the tube damaged?
If the tube damaged, repair or parts replacement is required. Please ensure the pressure into the proper range.
We can provide regulator (with/without indicator) as optional parts. Please contact us.

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Care and Cleaning

Because the inner tube is so thin, if the fluid is dried in the tube, it may be clogged, and it may be clogged by the dirt splattered during the cleaning. These contaminants reduce the life of the tube and the cone. After use, please be sure to wash in water, to run water through the tube and to dry, every time. After applying the chemical agents such as Titanium Dioxide, please be sure to wash with specialized detergent or alcohol.
  • 1st : Put water or specialized detergent in the bucket. Suck fluid without bottle. Spray fluid until the agents in the tube is washed away completely (1 to 2 minutes).
  • 2nd : Soak the tip of the cone into the fluid, then spray about 1 minute.
    (About the special dirt, it can not be removed with this way, please treat individually.)
  • 3rd : Pull the trigger in the air without fluid about 1 to 2 minutes. By this process, water in the tube is removed and inside of the tube can be dried.
  • 4th : Detach the cone, and remove the contaminants on the nozzle.

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About cleaning
The recommended distance between the nozzle and the work is less than 8cm. If you bring the nozzle more than 8cm, the cleaning capability may falls. In case of stains that is difficult to remove, it s effective to bring the nozzle in close to the work. But, please pay attention about the distance, because if you bring the nozzle too closer, the surface of the work may be damaged by the cone or the nozzle
About the Particle Atomization
The farther the distance, the particle diameter becomes fine. In case of Titanium Dioxide coating, please set the distance between the nozzle and the work about 20cm. When the valve opens at full, at the first injection, the large-size particles may come out from the nozzle. Please adjust the flow rate and conduct test spray beforehand. The product that has the On/Off valve, you can adjust the flow rate only switching the valve.
About the straw (sheath) for nozzle protection
When you use the nozzle, please remove the protection straw (sheath) attached on the rotation nozzle. When you store the nozzle, please attach it on the nozzle.
About attach and detach of the bottle
When you attach / detach the bottle, please ensure to hold the cap and screw the bottle. When you hold the upper part (T-shape part), the connecting part may be damaged.
About type of liquid (agents, detergent)
Please use only water and neutral detergent. Do not use acidic or alkaline detergent, because they may cause the damage to each part, such as connecting part, aluminum part and tube. And do not use the detergent it includes the grains, because they may be clogged in the tube.

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